Sport Edition

Lightweight, travel-ready, and fully assembled.

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Deluxe Edition

Fully-featured with a deluxe seat to help you regain your independence.

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I bought this scooter for my wife to use on a cruise vacation. Before selecting the SNAPnGO, I researched reviews on Amazon and other websites. I wanted a lightweight scooter that was foldable, had long battery life, was well built, but was compact enough to be used in airports and cruise ships. After a couple of months of use, I can report that the SNAPnGO fills the bill almost perfectly!

Tom S. / SNAPnGO Owner

My mom purchased the older model of this scooter 5 years ago and it has been fantastic. She uses it every day around the house and the battery is still strong. She even flies with it and the airlines do not charge any extra. It is light enough for me to lift inside my truck. Even lighter if you remove the seat.

Jud C. / SNAPnGO Owner

I had a failed back surgery 3 years ago and after having my wife push me in a wheelchair, because I could no longer walk long distances. The SNAPnGO model 335 has given me my life back!

It is so manageable, easy to use, light, and far surpasses any of the large, clumsy, overloaded mobility chairs that we were previously considering.

Rick B. / SNAPnGO Owner