The SNAPnGO mobility scooter was born of customer inspiration. Ken, a friend and business mentor, needed some mobility assistance. He purchased our two-wheeled Dolly scooter and modified it with a seat and extra wheels to meet his personal needs.  

In talking with Ken about his modifications, he explained that he could walk, he just couldn’t walk long distances.  He wanted something lightweight that he could easily fold and unfold and keep in his car, so he could attend sporting events or go on outings with his wife. We thought his idea was brilliant, so we worked with him on developing the first prototype of the SNAPnGO scooter. The result was spectacular. As it turned out, Ken’s needs were the same needs faced by millions of other Americans who just needed a little extra help getting around.

SNAPnGO LLC is a small, but proven company, focused solely on improving people’s lives with electric mobility products. Headquartered out of Holdrege, Nebraska, Robert, Dan, Lori, and Mike are your mobility team! We pride ourselves on exceptional product quality, excellent customer service before and after the sale, and easy purchase accessibility through our website, Amazon, or at any one of our nationwide dealers.